We are a producer of wooden houses in a frame systems. We offer proven technical solutions that create comfortable and energy-saving houses.

We will build your dream home!

Timber frame houses are the fastest and most economical way to build. In just 3 months from the start and the idea you can live in your own home.

We will build your dream home!

What will you gain by building a frame house?

House for many years

We make solid timber frame houses in accordance with Scandinavian technology. By using the highest quality wood, the house can serve for many generations.

Short construction time

The construction with walls is prepared in our lab. This allows for a very fast assembly on site. Construction time with frame, roof and windows takes between 4 and 15 days depending on the model and the project.


Construction and operating costs are significantly lower than other types of structures. The low dead weight does not burden the foundations, and the walls and roof act as a reliable installation.

Environmentally friendly house

Our houses are built with wood, the only renewable building material. Building with this material reduces the greenhouse effect and energy consumption.


Wood is a flexible material, it allows for changes even during construction. It makes it possible to implement very architecturally specific projects and any interior design.

Cheap heating

The walls and roof of a Canadian house provide reliable insulation. We also install solar panels.

Why a wooden house?

Wood is a living material. It is one of the oldest natural building materials. A wooden house is comfortable, warm, durable and has character. In addition, it is eco-friendly and has a low carbon footprint. Wooden homes are growing in popularity around the world. Energy efficiency, healthy living environment, short construction time and affordability are important factors. Wood is also strong and fire resistant if treated properly.   Learn More

What makes us stand out?

Top quality.
High-quality materials.
Competitive prices.
Short deadlines.

Ready made projects.


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