About us

The company has been operating since April 2014. Grzegorz Demaniuk, the owner of the company, is an educated constructor and grew up in a family where…. He started a company in an industry he knew and understood. He started a wholesale business selling mainly wooden windows. After 4 years of experience in the industry he created a project developing the production and construction of timber frame houses. The projects were executed by a team of qualified builders and it is thanks to their skills and qualifications that DEM-BUD could enter a new stage of development.

We have been building Scandinavian houses for 4 years now and we can proudly say that we do it professionally. We provide and care deeply for highest quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride and great satisfaction working with wood as it is one of the most eco-friendly building materials. We are constantly improving our processes to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

Our mission is to build comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly homes.

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Why choose DEM-BUD to build your dream house?

The highest quality of constructing houses and each element, both in terms of structure and equipment.

High-quality raw materials, materials and equipment from reputable and reliable suppliers – C24 wood certificate, CE, FSC. The structure is made of Swedish wood that meets the highest Scandinavian parameters for humidity content, fire resistance, bending strength, etc. Our timber has the C24 certificate required for timber construction, CE and FSC certification. We guarantee the highest quality of your house by using the best Scandinavian pine lumber.

Competitive prices. As a small company, we do not generate unnecessary costs, minimize material waste in production, and optimize the cost of projects for the customer. We will tailor each project so that even with an inexpensive finish, the quality of the house is the highest in its price range.

The possibility of producing any project chosen by the client. The client does not have to choose a house from the projects completed by the company. This allows for the realization of the customer’s needs and expectations for their own home.

Possibility of fully equipping the house – turnkey offer. DEM-BUD offers comprehensive home equipment. Customers can choose what exactly they want to equip the house with. It can be the bathroom only or just the kitchen, can also equip the whole house with all necessary furniture and appliances, including air conditioning, blinds, terrace, home appliances, furniture and more.

Short delivery times. The company delivers houses in a very short period of time. Delivery time of a single house from placing an order to putting it in the designated place is a maximum of 3 months (with a project of 120 square meters in mind).

Possibility of personalizing finish of the floors as well as external and internal walls. Both indoor and outside walls (facade) can be finished with siding, wood (wood shuttering) or a special material KERRAFRONT – a very resistant composite material that comes in variety of colors, textures and has very good utilitarian properties: resistant to weather conditions, easy to clean, and it is harder and more durable than wood.

Ongoing contact and consultation with the client

When choosing a house design, materials, finishing technology, we provide professional advice and assistance throughout the construction period as well as after its completion.

Our qualified installation teams who build your home do everything in consultation with you, which gives you the advantage of always having the ability to influence the project.


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